Did You know . . .

Lindy Office Products sells furniture!

We are a full-line dealer of office furniture. We represent a vast number of well-known, reputable manufacturers - the furniture section of our catalog only represents a small portion of what we have access to offer you! All of our salespeople are knowledgeable and trained in selling furniture, and are well qualified to recommend what would work for your office environment.

Need new seating? We do sampling on chairs - we will send you a chair to test, right in your office, before you buy! This ensures that when you place your order, you can feel confident that  it will be exactly what you want. Moving into a new space? We also offer free design services and CAD drawings, which we turn around very quickly.

Whether you need one individual chair or are re-doing your entire office, we will be there to help make the process easy and stress-free, and the results beautiful!

Call us today for a free consultation! 

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Come back and check this page often, for information on new products and /or manufacturers as they become available!


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